Wow.. umm.. sorry.

2008-11-26 23:56:48 by PlatinumX9

I've totally ditched this community. I am posting to announce my official departure. I have lost my interest in flash and I don't have time for NG anymore. I've had a great time here, and made some good friends. Currently I play N which is what has taken me away from this community. My profile on the site that supports N.

I'm probably never gonna come back tbh. Also, I missed madness day 08. Oh well. Leave some comments so I can read 'em.

Peace out Newgrounds.

Erm.. Hai..

2008-04-19 10:35:25 by PlatinumX9

Hey guys it PX9. I haven't logged on to NG in months. I guess my interest in flash kinda diminished. So, how has NG been since January 2008?

I will make a comeback, mark my words. I'm just so lazy. That comeback could be anywhere from 30 seconds from now to a year later. And thanks for all the positive feedback on my flash. It really means alot.


PS- Ignore that promotional banner and profile pic, that stuff isn't coming out that soon.

Holy Crap

2008-01-08 17:39:31 by PlatinumX9

I am positively elated. MN3 got Daily Feature AND Frontpage. This is so amazing. I am 13 and I have a flash submission that is currently on the front page and got a Daily Feature. Hear me roar. Jk. I am pretty full of myself right now. So go ahead and post any questions about MN3, I love the attention XP.

What's goin' on...

2007-12-31 21:37:26 by PlatinumX9

Hey y'all. Lately I've been getting kinda bored with animating so don't really expect much coming from me in the future. I'll probably get into another phase of hyper-animating but right nao I feel like taking a break. Ok so LLL is unfortunately delaying the release of MN3 which is kinda annoying. No offense LLL. And YK is going to release a madness tutorial which I helped out with. Happy Newyears! Oh yeah, and just ignore my profile pic and banner, that series isn't coming out.

Madness Neurosis 3 and stuff

2007-10-28 17:58:47 by PlatinumX9

Hey guys this is PlatinumX9 with an update on stuff. Recently I have joined a collab called Madness Neurosis 3, led by Littleluckylink. He's a good guy. I hope to get co-au in this collab but all the veterans from the previous ones are probably gonna get it. Anyway, I hope that goes well. Here is what I have going so far.

I do plan on starting a madness series once this Neurosis stuff calms down. So look for that in the future. It'll take me a while cause I'm lazy and don't animate that much. Due to the Neurosis Collab, I will be unable to submit a halloween flash. Sorry about that.

I will leave you to reflect on this picture of a pug, my favorite dogs.

*EDIT* I have made it into the Madness Neurosis 3 collab!!! Yay! I have made a part, 2 comics, and I am working on a short. I even got picked to be a co-author!!!

*EDIT2* (12.11.07)

Ok I actually am working on 2 parts for MN3.

PART 1 Status - Complete

PART 2 Status - Complete (You can't see it! XD!)

I think I have really improved from PART 1 to PART 2. What do you think?

Madness Neurosis 3 and stuff

Hey guys the first of 5 episodes in my madness series it out.

Madness Mutilation

Be sure to leave a review and submit it to the Madness collection. Not madness day 07, just the madness one. Also leave a review, all will be responded too.

Also my first madness dressup game is out

PX9's Madness Dressup V1

any questions or comments?

Happy Madness Day!

2007-09-22 00:30:18 by PlatinumX9

Yeah comments about madness day here. Doesn't the site look cool!?!? I'll submit Mutilation in the morning.


2007-09-03 22:19:21 by PlatinumX9

Madness Mutilation will have to be cut very short in order to make the 22nd deadline. Im sorry guys.



2007-08-22 18:29:55 by PlatinumX9

Madness Mutilation is coming along smoothly. Its taking longer than I thought. I might have to shorten it in order to make the sept. 22 deadline.



New Madness Flash

2007-08-09 12:54:26 by PlatinumX9

Hey umm im working on my first madness movie. Madness Mutilation is expected to be released Sept 22. I'll update my progress occcasionally.