2007-09-03 22:19:21 by PlatinumX9

Madness Mutilation will have to be cut very short in order to make the 22nd deadline. Im sorry guys.



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2007-09-05 10:47:25

Always leave about 6 months before a deadline to make a Madness movie. If it's cut short, at least finish it off good. Don't get lazy, like the end of ME4 or MC7.

PlatinumX9 responds:

yeah.... i started to late, and schools started so my animation time is reduced by about 75%. It sucks.



2007-09-09 20:54:15

Just don't submit it Madness Day, wait till next Madness Day, or whatever.

PlatinumX9 responds:

Well, i alredy have reduced the quality of animating in order to animate faster so im not going to animate it much longer. Why should i submit not submit on madness day?



2007-09-14 20:11:51

So you have more time to make it not suck.

PlatinumX9 responds:

well it doesnt suck, but i could make it better. But, ive alredy planned on cutting short. But don't worry, the second one is gonna kick ass.



2007-09-17 16:13:15


I demand you stop sleeping and not go to school, lick a dogs tongue and say you have mad-dog disease, just finish the flash the way its suppose to be. I dont like half-assed flashes. ;)

PlatinumX9 responds:

sorry but ive alredy planned on cutting it short. and theres no way my parents would let me miss sleep or school. but dont worry, the second one is gonna own


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