What's goin' on...

2007-12-31 21:37:26 by PlatinumX9

Hey y'all. Lately I've been getting kinda bored with animating so don't really expect much coming from me in the future. I'll probably get into another phase of hyper-animating but right nao I feel like taking a break. Ok so LLL is unfortunately delaying the release of MN3 which is kinda annoying. No offense LLL. And YK is going to release a madness tutorial which I helped out with. Happy Newyears! Oh yeah, and just ignore my profile pic and banner, that series isn't coming out.


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2007-12-31 23:56:48

I know I fucking hate my lazy ass for delay.

PlatinumX9 responds:

It's all kewl (;


2008-01-04 00:39:14

Ive been taking a break from animating too, but its been a bit long.
I hope to resume animating in about a week.
happy newyear.

PlatinumX9 responds:

Ok. I hope I can motivate myself to start.


2008-01-06 23:57:57

Hey, Platinum, Im inviting you to be in my Madness Collab, check my profile for details, I will not come and view your profile to see if you respond to this Comment, you must come to my profile and tell me if you are in, thanks alot! Hope you decide to join, Thanks.
-Zach Stegall


2008-01-07 01:40:03

Delay my ass. There was actually no delay!


2008-01-07 02:46:13

hey just wonderin how come you only had 1 part in neurosis 3?
I thought you made 2.


2008-01-08 11:39:47

nice job your animation was slick.